Our Mission:

At Sirat our mission is to create responsibly-manufactured, unique pieces of urban fashion that serve not only as tasteful tools of self-expression, but reminders to stay true and continually progress. 

Our company strives to instill passion and quality workmanship into every piece of clothing we create to drive others to share their own passions with the world.

Sirat means "The Straight Path" in the Arabic language. It represents the path which GOD has blessed, the path of success, and the path that leads us to our overall goals. Although along traveling the Straight Path we are often met with obstacles and road blocks, and thats why it is important to STAY FOCUSED on that path in order to achieve our ultimate success.

At Sirat we make clothing geared toward keeping individuals motivated while on that straight path. With clothing, hats, and accessories that serve as constant reminders to keep going and not be sidetracked. We want individuals to feel inspired and secure when wearing our products. Some like to think of our clothing as "Grind Gear" or "Combat Clothing". Grind gear because our clothing inspires and motivates you while you are out on your daily mission.      Combat Clothing because when you put on your Sirat T shirt, Hoody, Hat, or Wristband, you feel like you are ready to take on whatever comes your way, and deal with any negativity effectively.

The Message Sirat wishes to promote is to Stay Focused on your goals, to trust the process and embrace the grind. This will ensure us that we will be successful while traveling along the straight path.